That's a swingin' perfume you're wearing today, Ma Ducky

–V.P. Stern, Episode:Truces and Consequences

V.P. Stern
VP Stern
V.P. Stern with his angry face (Official photo)
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Unknown (adult)
Status Unknown
Appeared in episode(s) (Key character)
Book and/or show character? Unknown
Likes and dislikes
Loves Making music with his bongo drums and/or ukelele
Likes His job(school vice principal and class teacher)
Dislikes Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Voiced by Marcello Fabrizi[1]
Wiki-specific information
Dialogue name V.P. Stern


Young VP Stern screenshot

Young V.P. Stern (from a flashback in Episode:Mackerel Mates)

V.P. Stern(short for Vice Principal Stern, both presumed to not be his real name) is the super-fly vice principal and the only teacher in Vinnie's class at the Inner City School. He's as "Stern" as other teachers when doing serious things like issuing detentions to students, but when he's not so stern, he's calm and likes to play with his bongo drums and/or ukelele. He likes to use "hipster" words in his day-to-day speech. Besides his unique style/way of life outside school, he is known to incorporate his own music into his lessons.

His super-fly way of talkingEdit

He likes to use words such as "swingin'", "fly", "hip", and "dig" in his day-to-day speech and would usually end up saying "hip" instead of "keep".


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