The show features references to squids, goats and cows in some places as a running gag throughout the show.

Name referencesEdit

  1. Joe's Milk Bar has a squid menu featuring items like the Squid Shake, Squid Cream and the Squid Burger
  2. In Ducky cuisine, there's a dish called the Squid Finger Surprise.
  3. There's a store that Vinnie frequents called Goats-U-Like where he would buy and collect various species of goat.

Other referencesEdit

  1. In the one of the show's official artworks, a squid, cow and a couple of goats are in the shot.
  2. One of the things Farmer Organicwheat farms is cows.

Episode-specific referencesEdit

  1. In the episode "Rockin' Rocket", the stage name of the rapper is M.C. Laser Squid
  2. One of the stuff Vinnie packs in his school bag in the episode "Swollen Cranium" is a "Walrus and squid locked in an eternal struggle".
  3. In the episode "Parent Substitute",
    1. Vinnie and Rocket ride a merry-go-round that has cows instead of the horses seen on most of them in real life.
    2. Rocket gets Vinnie to study while doing other things, and in one of the scenes they go fishing, where Vinnie catches a textbook but before that, Rocket catches a squid.