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Rocket, as he appears in the show (Official photo)
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Less than a year old

1 (as of episode It's your Build Day)

Status Unknown
Appeared in episode(s) (Key character)
Book and/or show character? Both
Likes and dislikes
Loves Vinnie Q
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Voiced by Thomas Bromhead
Wiki-specific information
Dialogue name Rocket
You got it, V-Man!


Rocket is Vinnie's best friend built by his dad for his 13th birthday. His body colour is orange with blue accents(blue and white accents in the book), and his eyes are crystal.

He's trustworthy and fiercely relies on assistance, always prepared to assist Vinnie in a situation, although sometimes over-confident in episodes such as "Mackerel Mates".[1] He's also hyperactive and eccentric, and always says "You got it, V-Man!" whenever a situation involving Vinnie has occurred. He's loaded with a lot of attachments and features, giving him extraordinary abilities that lets him do certain tasks, similar to a robot.

One of Vinnie's best uses for Rocket is not only to be able to quickly get to his favourite places on his favourite planets in minutes or even seconds, but to also easily blast him out of most bad situations[2]

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 9.41.49 PM

An example of video output from Rocket's main onboard computer. Both eyes are combined into a single 2D video signal with 3D depth perception.


  • Ability to use non-standard sources of fuel(e.g milkshakes)
  • A secondary onboard computer that he uses to run PC applications without being distracted.


He has a lot of attachments that pop out when needed, mainly to interact with nearby objects.

Rocket has 3 main arms for attachments: left, center(below mouth, above tail light) and right. Additional arms pop out when needed.

Clock configurationsEdit

His many names for VinnieEdit

Main article: Rocket/His many names for Vinnie

As part of his personality, he calls Vinnie a variety of names besides "Vinnie"/"Vincent", including but not limited to:

  • "McV"
  • "V"
  • "V-Man"
  • "V-Machine"
  • "V-Brain"[3]
  • "Vinnie Q-Machine Q"[4]
  • "V-Monster"[5]


Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 7.51.13 PM

Rocket with 4-booster engine upgrade installed

An upgrade was available that brought Rocket from a 3-booster engine to a 4-booster one. It had been tested to go at speeds "faster than time itself"(i.e. in the lightyears range).


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