Behold! My most recentest invention! The Chronomanipulatatron!

–Professor Q, Episode:I got a Remote

Professor Q
Professor Q
Professor Quigley Q (Official photo)
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Unknown (adult), possibly in his 40s[1]

3(Episode:Father to the Prof)

Status Unknown
Appeared in episode(s) (Key character)
Book and/or show character? Unknown
Likes and dislikes
Loves Inventing things and carrying out science experiments in his lab
Likes His son
Dislikes Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Voiced by Marcello Fabrizi[2]
Wiki-specific information
Dialogue name Professor Q

Prof Q

Professor Q gift cards in his hat screenshot

Professor Q likes to keep gift vouchers(and sometimes tickets) in his hat sometimes. (Screenshot from intro)

Professor Quigley Q (usually known as Professor Q) is a father of 2 and a "genius inventor"/"scientist" with an IQ of 763[3]. He spends most of his time in his lab and likes to use scientific terms in transitional phrases, besides sometimes keeping gift vouchers in his hat. He is one of the Inner City School's substitute teachers[4].

About him using scientific terms in transitional phrasesEdit

It is a recurring gag in the series that he uses scientific words in transitional phrases, including adding the word "degrees" to phrases like "I'm proud of you, son!" to create "I'm 52º proud of you, son!". He also uses them to replace verbs, including:

  1. "Computations" used in place of "Salutations", for example "Greetings and computations!"[5]
  2. "Most recentest" used in place of "latest". Example: "Behold! My most recentest invention! The Chronomanipulatatron!"[6]
  3. "Thermoneucleated" in place of "burnt". Example: "I thermoneucleated your entire video game collection!"[7]
  4. "Equal and opposite reaction" in place of "response". Example: "Son, in equal and opposite reaction to your rule-infecting ratio, I've been forced to take drastic measures! I installed a behaviour chip into Rocket, turning him from a chaos-cramped canister, into a rule-following machine…"[8]

Not only does he use "degrees", but he also uses "ohms" and "quarks" in his day-to-day speech. Many viewers of the show may misinterpret "quarks" as "quacks".

  • Example using quarks: "You spend 3.4 quarks too much time in front of the TV"
  • Example using half lives: "Sorry Vincent, you're 98 half lives too irresponsible to be left unsupervised"

Other words he uses include:

  1. "Skippedy-bop!" (unknown use)

Appearance Edit

He wears a smart outfit with a blue and yellow colour scheme, black shoes and half-frame spectacles.


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