Nice-Nurse Goodboots
Nice-Nurse Goodboots screenshot
Nice-Nurse Goodboots (Screenshot from episode Truces and Consequences)
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age Unknown (adult)
Status Unknown
Appeared in episode(s) Truces and Consequences
Book and/or show character? Unknown
Likes and dislikes
Loves Unknown
Likes Unknown
Dislikes People who have different personalities than her
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Voiced by Unknown
Wiki-specific information
Dialogue name the Nurse

Nice-Nurse Goodboots(sometimes referred to as Nice-Nurse Goodbeats) attempts to be nice and take the place of a teacher in a school. However, she would try to make everyone around her "nicely-nice", by hypnotising them with Squid Bars to change their personality(in simple terms: be the same and not different and lose things that make you who you are). They can be taken out of hypnosis by eating Ducky food[1], like the Squid Finger Surprise.