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So… Unified credits for the book, show and unofficial Wiki.

To be honest, this Wiki wouldn't exist without the show. You can click the names of cast members to go to their websites where available(for the book and show) or user pages(for the Wiki).

The launchpad of Vinnie and Rocket's adventures together...Edit

Original book, first published in 1999

  • Written by Matt Zurbo
  • Illustrated by Dean Gorissen
  • Published by Penguin Books Austraila

The show that flew Rocket to even higher heights...Edit

TV series based on the book, 52 episodes of 11 minutes each, first aired November 2006 and last episode in around May 2007

Only key people are shown here. You can view the full credits here.

  • Producers
  • Executive Producers
  • Music composed by
  • Voice acting
  • Voice Director
  • Story Editor
  • Script Editor
  • SLR Productions
    • Creative Director
  • Pre-production services
  • Additional pre-production services
    • Motionworks (Halle, Germany)
      • CEO
      • Executive Producer
      • Production Manager
      • Scan Operator
      • System Administrator
      • Accounting
      • Production Secretary
  • Line Producer
  • Production Managers
  • Production Coordinators
  • Production Assistant
  • Supervising storyboard artist
  • Timing Directors
  • Key character(main character) design
  • Incidental character(extra/supporting character) design
  • Incidental character design
  • Key prop/fx (item/effect) design
  • Background designers
  • Key background painting
  • Colour stylists
  • Track reading/lipsync (mouth positions for characters?)
  • Animation services

and the Wiki to immortalise the characters, episodes and more for all to see!Edit

This wiki (Contact the first one on the list below if you did significant changes to content on the Wiki, if you want to be honoured here and become an admin of the Wiki)